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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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grands! dinner ideas made easy. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. eight people were shot last night. one a 1-year-old boy in critical condition this morning. when police arrived there were no suspects and no victims. i'll tell you what they are asking from the public this morning. why gave vin newsom was the only uc regent at the table when protesters arrived. -- >> not all of us are seeing fog today. i'll update you on how long it will last and when the wind will get here. fog is back and dangerous driving conditions. we'll tell you where the advisories are..í%- 5 o'clock. you can see very foggy, dream
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like makes you want to stay in bed. >> sunny days do that to me too. 5:01. let's check in with mike. this the only weather system we are concerned about today. >> exactly. we are worried about the wind starting tomorrow morning about this time. right now the fog. good morning. 5:01. here's what i'm talking about where we don't have the fog visibility right now in the trivalley, six or seven miles fairfield half a mile and two miles at half moon bay. dense fog that is going to hang around because the winds are light once again through least 9:00. that means visibilities will be quarter mile or less at least through 9:00. head into the central valley even worse probably 11, 12:00. a 1-year-old boy hospitalized in critical this morning with a head wound. one of eight victims that were hurt in a gun battle in
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oakland last night during the making of a rap video. terry mcsweeney is live at the oakland police department. what are you hearing >> reporter: i'm hearing that the police need the public's help. rifed at that parking lot at 7th and willow, four blocks from west oakland bart station last night about 6:00, there were no victims to be found all transports -- transported to the hospital by private vehicle. you see the gunmen upper right of the screen victims gathered around that van some going to the ground some returning fire. there were three gunmen and at least three people returned fire. more than 50 bullet casings found in that parking lot. 1-year-old boy shot in the head in his father's arms. the father wounded in the hand the boy shot in the head in critical, a woman also in critical. a woman who lives in that
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neighborhood says she knew the toddler. >> he's so cute and so sweet. a lot of times when we see each other he comes running at me like some of the other kids do we be hugging and loving each other. >> what was your reaction when you found he got shot? >> i was crying and i was so mad. >> reporter: just checking out on a rapper's website. police say this was a video being shot at the time of the shooting. it is from the rapper khafani. he has tweets and he says he was not shooting a video. and he himself was not shot. he refers to that 1-year-old boy as his cousin. conflicting information. police going to be holding a news conference this morning. we will have that. right now policext q looking for at least three gunmen who opened fire on a crud of people at 7th and willow -- on a crowd of people at 7th and
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willow last night. the youngest victim is 1-year-old overnight the boy underwent surgery. for the latest on his condition and others let's go to amy hollyfield. >> reporter: we've been told he's in critical at children's. he was in his father's arms when he was shot. his family tells us his name is hiram lawrence, he's 1-year-old, but he is going to be turning two next month. his family says he was shot in the head. several relatives were here waiting for word while hiram underwent surgery. they say they are in shock this happened to a toddler. >> he don't know no better he just going to the store with his dad. he was in his dad arms. i don't know. everybody just pray that he make it.
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>> reporter: police spent a lot of time at the hospital watching who was going in and out. they've looked through the -- a car belong to a relative. she gave them permission to look in there for anything they could find. police at this point have not made any arrests. eight people were shot, one woman in the hospital in critical condition. there are two in critical. the toddler and the woman. police state other victims in stable condition. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:01. the man accused of killing a vallejo police officer after robbing a bank this month is expected in court this morning. henry albert smith of fairfield is due to enter a flee. please been charged with murder and bank -- bank robbery, special circumstances that could bring the death penalty. a memorial service for officer jim capoot will be held tomorrow morning at 11. the 19 year veteran of the
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vallejo police force had been a basketball coach at that school. uc regents asking state lawmakers for more funding for next year. faced with making another 100 million dollar budget cut if state funding falls short. angry denies gave regents an earful yesterday during a board meeting. lt. governor gavin newsom also a regent was the only one to stay after protesters interrupted the meeting at ucsf mission bay. students made several demands stud.ñ of excessiveal demands force by police. >> in the future there will not be any use of violence [ inaudible ] >> the meeting resumed after leaders moved it to another room for security reasons
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regents met at four campuses across california and teleconferenced. governor brown has asked state police officers review their policies for using force and make changes to their guidelines, accordingly. the police officers' union sent an open letter yesterday defending police action against occupy protesters. the letter says video from november 9th, showing officers with batons attacking occupy protesters is misleading and doesn't show officers being hit, pushed and threatened. the uc police chief agrees. >> there was individuals which there has been in the past where there's individuals with intent to start a confrontation. some individuals will instigate confrontation because it gets media coverage and bolsters their cause we sometimes have to react as we try to do our jobs. >> the police union criticizes uc officials for asking campus
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police to enforce their policies then refuse to support the officers when they do their jobs. this mornings officials at uc santa cruz plan to set up an alternate location for their financial office after protesters took over the building yesterday. the occupiers say they've agreed not to vandalize the building or compromise student information. a school spokesman says the school has made no plans to evict the protesters. time for a look at the foggy forecast. symptom me if you have heard that before. >> i have heard it before. so i'll stop you. it is really important information. there's really dense patches of fog. >> just like yesterday not as widespread as east bay valleys are left out. good morning. fog the big story through at least 9:00, visibilities, the ability to see ahead of you in case you are driving could be down to a quarter mile or less once we get past 9:00, it will lift. two different jet streams
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going on. more concerned with this low the one that is going to dive inside the -- towards great basin and help create winds that will be the big story this time tomorrow through thursday evening. right now fairly calm upper 30s in napa, fairfield, low 40s around the east bay valleys, novato and santa rosa. mid to upper 40s elsewhere 50 around oakland and san francisco by the afternoon partly cloudy low to mid psych fees for all of us. -- low to mid 60s for all of us. temperatures steady until late next week when they start to cool when the pattern remains dry not as windy nor as foggy as the next couple of days >> happy tuesday following your commute this morning fog making for dangerous driving conditions. limited visibility, poor visibility in a lot of places very thick probably 9:00,
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10:00 before it burns consider extra time if you need to leave early. drive times heading out right now 280 peninsula not a bad drive. 80 east shore freeway from the carquinez bridge into the maze under 20 minutes. east and westbound highway 4 looking good under 15 minutes towards concord. toll plaza, you will face the fog, a lot of advisories on most bridges this morning, metering lights off, good ride into san francisco as you come off the bay bridge here's what you face, more fog, lots of fog very thick and limited visibility. take extra care. 5:10. better late than never when it comes to crustacean. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo delicious news for crab lovers. fishermen are out as we speak and should be bringing in their first catch, tonight. how a fine any text message could save you big bucks on parking meter feign
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look what denny's left for my dad, santa! christmas cookie pancakes. milk & cookies shake. i think santa needs a helper. come try arthur christmas's favorites. only at denny's. and see arthur christmas only in theaters. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . the best cyber monday ever up 15 to 20% over last year totalling 1.2 billion dollars. amazon and wal-mart are extending dales throughout the week. >> many so of the one billion dollars missing from failed wall street firm mf global has
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turned up in britain. investigators found 200 million dollars that may have been transfered before the firm filed for bankruptcy. >> nice book expected to go public next year -- facebook expect go public next year by billion dollars. peanut butter shortage has sent prices soaring 30% or more hot weather hurt the crop and some farmers switched to more profitable crops that is america's money. lovers of local dungeness crab your wait is just about over. before the end of the day the first crustacean catch of the season could be on docks after crabbers and wholesalers settled the price dispute. katie marzullo is live with the steamy dales. -- details. >> reporter: mouths are watering, tomorrow seafood should be in the store,
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thursday at latest. they came to agreement yesterday two weeks after the start of the season. $2.25 is the compromise. 25 cents more than last year but 25 cents less than the fishermen were asking. buyers were offering $2. both sides seem to agree, not fishing was costing everyone. >> we are losing our time we don't get going we are going to have bad weather, we won't get any time in. >> i think at this point, almost whatever it took to get them moving. the only people they were hurting besides themselves is the consumer. >> reporter: one catch some say they were forced to compromise because some out of state fishermen broke ranks and agreed to $2.25 while negotiations were going on.
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5:16. san francisco transportation officials are planning to lunch a new service that could save from you getting a parking ticket. new high-tech meters the service will send a text alert if the time on your meter is about to expire. you can add more money remotely using a cell phone. 45 cent transaction fee will be charged. the program will -- will hit streets around the castro and expand if successful. new law will require kids to be 5-years-old when entering kindergarten cut off birthday will be september rather than december. four-year-old attend a new transitional kindergarten part of california's system next fall the first grade added since 1891. the idea to make sure
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four-year-old aren't in regular kindergarten. teachers say it can help with academic progress and special ed placement. and focus, -- a few months make a big difference at that age. >> you bet. we were talking about the crab boats going out. but they are going out into weather that is dicey. >> today will be fog. starting tomorrow windy over the open waters no friction at all will kick up waves too. what we have to do with this morning as we look down from san francisco blinking lights punching throughout -- down from sutro tower, blinking lights punching through on the right -- [ unintelligible ] once you get above a couple hundred feet it is clear.
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half moon bay two miles everybody else half mile or less. it is really thick again this morning. let's talk about temperatures 50s still in san francisco and oakland around 39 napa and fairfield everybody else in the 40s. monterey bay not dealing with as much fog low to mid 40s monterey 48 gilroy upper 30s partly cloudy get rid of fog faster today mild this afternoon close to where we should be dangerous winds tomorrow and thursday extended period without rain and sierra snow. low to mid 60s in the south bay today. same on the peninsula, low 60s along the coast sunset 59, near 60 downtown south san francisco north bay valleys and beaches low to mid 60s pretty much feel the same type of weather throughout the east bay shore low to mid 60s, low 60s in the east bay valleys around the monterey bay don't see 70s, low to mid
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50s around the bay as you move inland tonight most of the fog stuck in the central valley winds start to pick up and thin that fog and just scour all the fog and then clear conditions we'll have 30 around that park santa rosa cloverdale, fairfield, everybody else in the 40s several areas of high pressure one on the right and one on the left side of the screen dominant area of high pressure keeping most storms to the north except for this low watch as it dives down starting this morning comes ashore around vancouver and then takes the slippery slope down to vegas and backtracks towards l.a.. high pressure is building behind it you can see the tight pressure gradient line the higher the faster the winds lower elevations where the yellow is, wind advisory from 7:00 tomorrow morning to
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6:00 thursday evening gusts up to 55 miles per hour highest elevations above 1,000 feet high wind warning from 6:00 tomorrow morning to 6 p.m. thursday wind gusts 70 miles per hour we could have trees down power outages and high profile vehicles will have a hard time diving we stay in the 60s from the coast with much calmer conditions. -- happy tuesday, live look at walnut creek, southbound 680 moving well, no fog be prepare -- prepared fog advisories on most bridges san mateo bridge, dunbarton, all with fog advisories this morning. drive times heading out 101 from santa rosa into novato not drive less than 30 minutes san mateo bridge 92 headed towards foster city less than 15 minutes 280 peninsula fog
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there very heavy fog 11 minute drive. for the latest drive times and incidents. 5:21. next, new developments in a stunning case of animal cruelty. update on the condition of a hawk discovered with a nail shot through its head. workers on the caldecott tunnel are about mark a milestone. on.erererererererererr
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good morning. live look outside golden gate headlights coming into san francisco you can see how foggy it is. we check in with mike to see what that is going to do to sfo possible delays. also the wind storm coming our way as soon as we get over the fog worries. big breakthrough expected this week at the caldecott tunnel's fourth bore project crews scheduled to complete the excavation of the top portion when they breakthrough the rock that separates the east and westsides. the four year nearly 391 million dollar project is designed to ease traffic on state route 24 between oakland and an rib dat. the new bore is expected to open -- by late 2013. good news about a hawk shot by a nail gun. it has been a few weeks since the hawk was released now she
5:25 am
has been spotted in golden gate park and looks good. the bird was identified by band on her leg put on when she was rescued. winter's favorite snowman is feeling the heat. a man in a frosty the snowman costume was arrested during the annual holiday parade in maryland. police say this started when an officer tried to escort frosty from a crowd and the officer says the man inside the costume took off his frosty helmet and hit him with. never a idea. look they took down frosty. they are cuffing frosty! >> i know. >> i hope the kids aren't watching. next, more on the eight people shot in oakland. >> also next, reoccupying oakland and the promise to take action today.
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high temperatures across the country you will be surprised how warm it is boston, new york and washington, low to mid 60s, 42 atlanta, 39 chicago. mid 40s seattle and portland near 80 in phoenix. east coast no delays as you head to o'hare we have flight arrival delays. to west coast looking quiet even as we zoom to local airport in california all is on time fog when the delays are told we will let you know or you can check our flight tracker at
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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. police are concerned about retaliation shooting this morning after a shooting last night that left eight wounded, including a toddler in critical condition. i'll tell you why police need the help of the public. war veteran who was severely injured during occupy oakland clashes with police, able to tell his story for the first time. good morning i'm mike nicco. check out the thick fog again in downtown san francisco starting to move some areas didn't have it a few minutes ago, it is coming your way. >> it does make for dangerous driving conditions. sue hall following your
5:30 am
tuesday morning commute. bay bridge toll plaza, fog advisories throughout your morning commute. 5:30. you can see it for yourself the fog this morning may be not as widespread as yesterday but dense. >> that fog is covering up a lot of things. >> really thick once again, visibilities down to dangerous levels the fog is on the move concord six mile visibility earlier now down to a mile and a half. the tule fog is starting to move through the delta into the san ramon valley could head to livermore over the next hour or so. the rest of us pretty much the same foggy everywhere with half mile to down to 1/8 of a mile . winds pulling the tule fog into the east bay valleys now. everything in our valley will be under dense fog advisory until at least 9:00. visibilities will be at or below a quarter of a mile through the end of the
5:31 am
commute. more weather in a minute. video shoot, massive gun battle and a tiny victim this morning a 1-year-old in critical, one of eight shot in oakland last night. terry mcsweeney is live in at police department did cameras capture what happened? >> reporter: they caught everything that happened. police are asking members of the community to step forward and further help. the shooting happened 6:00 last night 7th and will flow a parking lot of a grocery store during the shooting of a rap video, according to police. you can sigh the gunmen coming into the up -- you can see the gunmen coming into the upper right of the screen firing people near that van some hitting the ground, some people fleeing, some people returning fire. police located more than 50 bullet casings into that parking lot. it was amazing shootout last night. toddler shot in the head in
5:32 am
his father's arms, father wounded, boy in critical as is a woman. when police showed up at the scene, suspects gone, all victims gone, transported to the hospital by private vehicle. police this morning are saying this is one of those cases where they desperately need the help of the community. >> asking anyone who has information regarding the shooting to please come forward. we know there were a lot of people out here this evening. there are a lot of people who may have information that can assist the oakland police department with this investigation. >> reporter: police say a rapper by the name of khafani was shooting a video this that parking lot at the time of the shooting. this morning he's tweeting that he was not shooting an a video there. in fact he wasn't even there does refer to that toddler as his cousin. police this morning concerned about retaliation for this shooting. a lot of buzz about that.
5:33 am
terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. two of the eight victims in critical condition, including a 1-year-old boy with a severe head wound. amy hollyfield is live at children's hospital with more. >> reporter: several investigators just left the hospital a couple of minutes ago. there were about eight of them inside talking to the family. they tell us the little boy is still in critical condition they've not made any arrests. hiram lawrence is 1-year-old, he is turning two next month. his family says that he was shot in the head. he did have to go through surgery last night. he did survive the surgery. police say he's in critical condition this morning. several family members were here last night waiting for word. they say it is impossible to describe their pain. >> he's a precious little boy and he did not deserve this. he's not even two, he won't be
5:34 am
two until december. he took part in an act of stupidity. they need to grow up. now my little cousin is laying in the hospital. >> reporter: the family says hiram was in his father's arms when he was shot. his father was shot in the hand. police had a heavy presence at the hospital last night and this morning. looking everywhere. they even asked a relative last night if they could search her car. she said yes, whatever it takes. a total of eight people shot. this little boy not the only one in critical. a woman in critical. the other victims are in stable condition. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:34. occupy protesters say they will retake frank ogawa plaza at noon today this video shows encampment two weeks ago. protesters say they will not
5:35 am
pitch tents but intend to hold a vigil 24/7. they plan to have sign-up sheets available at 11:00. oakland's mayor has said the plaza will be open to peaceful protests but camping won't be allowed. 24-year-old iraq war vet scott olsen has given his first interview since he suffered a traumatic brain injury at occupy oakland. olsen was there the night of okay 25th, protesting a predawn police raid when he was hit in the forehead by a police projectile. he was in the hospital for weeks and still working to regain his full speech capabilities. >> i was texting something to a friend of mine and next thing i know i'm down and on the ground. and there are people above me trying to help me.
5:36 am
>> the oakland police department is still investigating the incident. we have a link to the entire nine minute interview on our website look under see it on tv. fresh dungeness crab could be in stores as early as today. the crab season finally got underway yesterday after fishermen and seafood buyers an agreed to a wholesale price of $2.25. -- [ unintelligible ] it is foggy where they are working and foggy here. >> then they have the winds to worry about. >> point. everybody is going to deal with all of these things, fog spreading over most of our neighborhoods, hilltops don't have the fog you will have the fastest winds tomorrow and thursday.
5:37 am
in between systems right now, area of high pressure that will keep things foggy through the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon, temperatures close to where they should be for this time of the year. cooler this morning just about everywhere except for oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. that puts temperatures from now through 8:00 in the 30s inland valleys, 30s to low 40s, low to mid 40s around most of the bay shore to upper 40s around oakland and san francisco. fog starts lifting at 9:00, hazy at noon. temperatures hanging out in the mid to upper 50s even low 60s around fremont, san jose and most inland valleys. 4:00 this afternoon, all the fog is gone, partly cloudy sky, upper 50s to low 60s. no fog tomorrow not with the winds that are coming. winds tomorrow morning through thursday evening could be dangerous, 55 to 70
5:38 am
mile per hour gusts calmer friday, drier with sunshine saturday, sunday and monday. fog is the traffic story this morning dangerous conditions and limited visibility. fog advisories novato towards vallejo highway 37 pea soup golden gate bridge fog advisory heavy fog and limited visibility off the waldo through the tunnel off to the span, peninsula, pacifica highway 1, 280 thick fog bay bridge, san mateo bridge, dunbarton bridge thick fog give yourself extra time before you leave the house. 5:38. >> still ahead, retail rain, new twist into the investigation into the pepper spraying incident by a customer at an l.a. wal-mart. what herman cain has to say about new accusations that
5:39 am
he had a long extramarital affair? -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. live look at the embarcadero in san francisco is very foggy out there fog advisories are out we'll check in with sue to see which
5:42 am
bridges you need to watch out on. mike is going to talk about what happens with the fog transitioning to windy weather. could be dangerous. more about that coming up. the race to the white house is filled with intrigue and scandal this morning. cain is on the defensive over new accusations that he had an extramarital affair that went on for years. meantime, democrats are targeting mitt romney as the expected gop front-runner. >> reporter: with only a month to go before voters have their say the race is in full spread. for cain the controversy over allegations he sexually harassed whip in the 90s died down. now a new women -- new woman ginger white has accused cain of an extramarital affair. >> this is not something i wanted to hurt anyone. not a fun thing. >> reporter: cain denies having a sexual relationship
5:43 am
with white during the 13 years they've known each other. >> i acknowledge i've known her for that period of time but the accusation i had a 13 year affair with her, no. >> there was no sex? >> no. >> none? >> no. >> i couldn't imagine anyone coming out and lying about this. who would want this? it is really not been fun. >> while cain has fallen in recent polls newt gingrich has earned a key endorse and now conservatives are giving the former house speaker another look. >> my proposal is we replace the epa. that all of them go home. >> as for mitt romney the obama campaign thinks he's the likely nominee that's why this new tv ad is running in five battle ground states. -- >> the story of two men trapped in one body. >> reporter: a poll found newt gingrich leads the entire
5:44 am
republican field among very conservative voters. conservatives play a key role in the gop nomination. michael jackson's doctor is scheduled to be sentenced today in connection with the death of the pop star. a los angeles jury convicted dr. conrad murray of involuntary manslaughter for giving jackson a fatal dose of a powerful anesthetic. it is not clear if any of jackson's family members will testify. prosecutors want murray sentenced to the maximum four years and pay 100 million dollars to jackson's estate. defense attorneys are asking for probation saying murray will probably lose his ability to practice and face a lifetime of shame. new twist in the story of a woman who pepper sprayed her fellow shoppers at an l.a. wal-mart on black friday. police are investigating the possibility it was a case of self-defense. detectives are examining store security video and youtube
5:45 am
videos which carry the sound of people yelling i'm being trampled. police interviewed the woman and a $witnesses detectives say this comes -- comes down to whether the woman pepper sprayed people to keep from being trampled or used it as an inappropriate shopping tactic. >> whatever the reason, you want to shop online. >> much safer. 5:4 . changing -- 5:45. changing our die deal service to meet our -- our ideal selfs to meet our ideal waistlines. what happened to an orca whale found dead.
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-- a lot of sun except in the central valley fog will be stubborn low to mid 60s fresno, sacramento, 60s nearing record highs again around tahoe, yosemite, big sur 2. nobody has what l.a. and palm -- palm springs has low 80s mid 70s around san diego. bay area scientists are trying to figure out what
5:49 am
killed a killer whale that washed up on a marin county beach. video shows the orca soon after a passerby spotted it thanksgiving day. orcas typically travel far from shore. the 18 foot whale was a juvenile male and may have been killed bay another orca. >> it had a little hemorrhaging in the head. we suspect that it suffered some sort of blunt force trauma. what that was, we don't know. >> she will send skin and blubber samples for genetic and toxicology tests and hopes experts might be able to identify the orca. former councilman faces possible fines for allegedly profiting from projects that he voted on while inc7-du offic. california's fair political
5:50 am
practices commission says on at least 16 occasions between 2002 and 2007, he had a financial interest in items he was voting on. his landscaping company earned more than a quarter million dollars off those projects. the commission will consider a personality of more than $100,000. utility crews might be busy getting ready for the wind storm to come. >> they may be checking trees near the powerlines, sure. they don't have much time, neither do you before the winds kick in about 24 hours then things are get to get dicey as far as winds go right now dicey as far as fog it is always something and it is our time of the year our active weather season golden gate bridge this is the san francisco side, headlights out of marin towards you, you can see how low the visibility is. let's look at other places livermore seven miles per hour, best visibility right now half moon bay 2 1/2 miles
5:51 am
concord 1 1/2 miles everybody else half mile or lower. temperatures are cooler this morning more 30s just updated these napa, fairfield, concord, antioch, livermore, 40 los gatos, everybody else in the mid 40s even 50 around oakland. low to mid 40s santa cruz, watsonville, salinas, 39 gilroy. partly cloudy, mild this afternoon sunshine fatter and more than yesterday dangerous winds tomorrow and thursday everywhere examine end today period without rain and sierra -- sierra snow storm track well away interest us the next couple of weeks. hazy sun throughout the east bay shore low to mid 60s south blye to mid 60s same
5:52 am
'+")ict 59 near 60 downtown south san francisco low to mid 60s throughout the north bay valleys or at the coast low to mid 60s around the monterey bay as you head into the valleys. tonight most fog in the central valleys 30s around fairfield, livermore, napa, santa rosa, upper 30s 32 cloverdale, 41 vallejo everybody else mid to upper 40s. high pressure stretch across the screen dominating weather pushing jet stream north for now but as we take a look at that low watch as it stars to sink down through the pacific northwest and into the -- into the great basin tonight and through tomorrow quickly develops south tight lines of pressure between the low and high that's why we are going to have such dangerous winds above 1,000 feet they could gust up to 70 miles per hour in our valleys up to 55
5:53 am
miles per hour this is going to be a 24 to 48 hour event. friday through monday calmer temperatures pretty much the same. good morning. fog advisories very dangerous conditions. castro valley now westbound 580 before castro valley boulevard accident blocking the right lane sensors not picking up significant slowing. westbound 24 before broadway, car hit a wall, accident there right lane. drive times heading out now 101 marin county good drive fog mill valley highway 4 towards concord 20 minutes out of the central valley 580 good towards the dublin interchange. this is 24 westbound, fog-free here this is coming in towards the caldecott tunnel through lafayette and orinda nice stream of headlights bay bridge fog no problems on the
5:54 am
span, very thick fog most bridges under heavy fog advisories at this hour. vannatter traffic will give you the late -- will give you the latest. cyber monday still soaring. major news over into -- overnight in the airline industry. >> here's jane king. american airlines' parent filed for bankruptcy protection airline plans to pursue more competitive cost structure plans to initiate further negotiations with unions. american is the last of the big airlines to file for chapter 11. facebook considering filing to go public before the end of the year the offering could value facebook at more than 100 billion dollars. entertainment software ratings board may start rating apps
5:55 am
for games and social networking from everyone to adults only. more than half of children under eight have access to devices like smartphones and tablets. shopping back as a national sport in the u.s.. [ unintelligible ] volume of purchases made on mobile devices exploded more than 500%. dow up almost 300 points optimism about europe's debt problems helped as well. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. what is your ideal weight? americans appear to be redefining our vision of our perfect selves as we get larger as a society. new gallup poll finds men say their ideal weight should be 196 up from 180 10 years ago.
5:56 am
women from 129 to 138 pounds now. sadly, the report shows even with this adjustment, we are getting further from our ideal. men on average are 15 pounds over. women 22 pounds above their perfect selves. three money managers in again niche connecticut have won a 25 if i four million dollar power ball -- jackpot. the drawing took place on november 2nd. the men embarrassed didn't come forward until now. the group held a news conference saying charities would benefit. this is one of those cases when the people who least needed the money got the money. >> they are successful money managers, i guess if they live in greenwich, connecticut -- >> that tipped you off there. just ahead, the protest that has one local uc school looking for new office space today.
5:57 am
landmark moment for the caldecott tunnel that should get thousands of us frustrated commuters a new reason to hope for a better future. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in oakland. investigators are still trying to piece together a shooting that left eight wounded, including a toddler in critical. i'll tell you why they need the help of the public.
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